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Payung, CR 7 dan Saut

Ada beberapa berita dalam waktu yang tak lama berselang. Semuanya terjadi di negara yang berbeda namun terkait dengan hal yang relatif sama. Ternyata benar, selain terkait dengan hal-hal yang sifatnya khusus untuk budaya di wilayah tertentu, ada juga unsur budaya yang sifatnya universal.

Promoting Target Culture In Teaching English


Learning another language involves more than learning the literal meaning of the words and expression. One needs to know what these words and expressions mean in the cultural context in which they are normally used. Hence, the goal of language teaching at any levels should be enhancing students’ communication skill in the target language within the target culture respectively. It applies also in teaching English. The teaching of English should involve not only teaching new vocabulary and expression but also link to the culture of native English-speaking countries. In language teaching, culture plays linguistic and pedagogical roles. Linguistic dimension of culture involves semantic and pragmatic level and pedagogical aspect deals with teaching materials and methods.

Key words: target culture, language teaching, communicative competence